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Nutri-Link Providers

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Healthway Solutions, Inc. has integrated Nutri-Link to your existing pharmacy software to screen medications for:
  • Potential Drug/Nutrient Depletions

  • Possible Interactions with Herbs & Natural Products

  • Nutritional Considerations that Affect the Indications of Medications

  • 68% of prescriptions filled interact with, or deplete, nutrients important to your patient's health. Are you doing all you can to provide information to safeguard their health?
Nutri-Link is an extensive database of scientifically validated information integrated into your pharmacy system - no additional hardware or software is required. It provides you with a printout delivered in easily understood language to your patient. Nutri-Link can provide you with data on the most prescribed medications in use today. The Nutri-Link program also provides references for each recommendation, should your physicians require more information.


Drug Name: Nexium

Nutritional Considerations

  • Folic acid may be inhibited by taking this medications, causing a deficiency that could also create a deficiency of vitamin B12.Folic acid is required for the utilization of B12. The fall in vitamin B12 status may be the result of a decrease in stomach acid required for vitamin B12 absorption from food while taking this medication. Nutritional supplements containing these ingredients should be considered.
  • Highly acidic juices, such as cranberry juice, may aid in the absorption of vitamin B12-containing foods while taking this medication.
  • This medication may affect the proper absorption of beta-carotene and iron. Consult your pharmacist regarding supplementation.
  • Avoid alcohol with this drug.
Herbal Considerations
  • This medication may interact with St. John's Wort to increase the risk of photosensitivity.
  • Black mustard, Cayenne, Devil's Claw, Goldenseal, and Horseradish, all increase gastric acid and could therefore theoretically interact with this medication.

You can now offer safe and appropriate counseling recommendations that provide your patients with reliable health advice and result in enhanced patient outcomes...all with the normal work flow of filling prescriptions.

Consumers are demanding counseling about their medications, herbs and nutritional products. Pharmacy counseling is required, but often neglected because there is no time or financial benefit. Leading retail pharmacies across the country are using information about medications and nutrition to enhance their practice while adding additional profits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How current is Nutri-Link?
    We add between 300 to 500 NDC numbers quarterly.

  • Why Bother?
    There are over 91 million Americans taking herbal and nutritional supplements. Approximately 31% of those are also taking prescription medication. Since more than 68% of all prescription medications interact either positively or negatively with supplements, the need for information concerning potential interactions is extremely important.

  • How does it work?
    As a prescription is filled, the pharmacy software evaluates the NDC number (identification code) of the medication and searches for a match within the Nutri-Link database. Upon finding the information, it is printed for the pharmacist and patient. Nutri-Link supplies information on the nutritional considerations such as nutrients that may be reduced in the body by the medication. It also produces data on any potential interactions that might be caused with common herbs and natural products. This is the first program of its kind that automatically provides this valuable information at the time the prescription is filled.

  • What are the benefits of Nutri-Link
    There are several major benefits to the use of Nutri-Link:
    1. Consumers are better informed as to the proper use of their medications and dietary supplements.
    2. Because side effects caused by nutritional deficiencies are reduced through targeted supplementation, patients are more likely to continue taking their medication as directed by their physician and pharmacist.
    3. The pharmacy has the opportunity to supply the patient with the appropriate nutritional and herbal supplements that are indicated.
  • How much does it cost?
    Nutri-Link is provided to pharmacies by your primary software provider for approximately a $30 monthly service charge. It is updated with new information quarterly. There is no hardware or software to buy and there are no additional fees.

  • How do I justify the additional cost?
    Assuming a conservative 50% of prescription drugs may cause nutrient depletion, only 25% of customers follow a pharmacist's advice, each store fills an average of 120 prescriptions per day, a 50% margin on retail supplement products, and an average price of 15% on each supplement:

    120 x 50% = 60 Prescriptions/day with possible nutrient considerations

    60 x 25% = 15 sales realized by one quarter of customers following advice

    15 x $15 = $225 per day supplement sales

    $225 x 26 = $5,850 per month (gross sales)

    $5,850 x .5 = $2,925.00 Gross profit per month (at 50% margin)

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